How do I activate Smaart with a Perpetual license?

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How do I activate Smaart with a Perpetual license?

For information on activating a Subscription license, please click here

When you run Smaart for the first time, you will need to activate your installation before you can use the software. There are four basic requirements for activating a Smaart installation:

  • A valid Perpetual license code (XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX)
    1. RT, LE, SPL, or Data Modeler will have “RT”, “LE”, "SPL", or "DM" (respectively) in front of the license code
  • A license management account at 
  • One or more installation spots available on your license
  • Internet access on or near the computer you are trying to activate

The first screen Smaart will open to will ask for you to select your license type. In this guide, we will be selecting “Perpetual”:

Online Activation

If Smaart detects an internet connection, the Online Activation prompt will appear and you can activate without leaving the program. You’ll need your 24-digit alpha-numeric license code and your login information to complete activation this way.

The last section of Online Activation will ask for your name, email address, and to provide a Computer Name for the install. This is used to differentiate installs on your license other than by using the Machine ID. We recommend choosing a name you will remember and that isn’t automatically generated (some customers will physically put a label on their computers and write the Computer Name on it).

Offline Activation

If you need to activate Smaart on a computer that is not connected to the Internet, you can manually register the Smaart Machine ID from within your account. Open Smaart on the computer that is not connected to the Internet and the Machine ID will be displayed on the first screen (clicking the Machine ID will copy it to your clipboard).

You can also reach this screen via the button in the bottom-left corner of Online Activation

From any device that is connected the Internet, open a web browser, navigate to and log in through You’ll see a list of all Smaart licenses registered to your account. If your license isn’t listed here, it may not be registered and you’ll need to click +Register a New License towards the top of the page to proceed.

Click on your Smaart license code to be brought to its Details page, which displays the total number of installations allowed on your license, the number of installations you have used, and how many are still available. You can also purchase additional installs from this page.

The above image does not reflect exactly what you will see on your own account. The License Code, Machine IDs, and Requestor Info have been blocked for security and privacy.

Assuming that you have a least one installation spot available, click the link next to “If you do not have an internet connection” under the Download and Install section. Within the form it brings up, enter your Machine ID, name, and e-mail address you want to associate with this installation as well as a friendly name to identify the computer.

There is also a field for a Block Code, however this can be ignored unless you are reactivating an installation on a computer that was previously deactivated.

When you finish entering the required information, click the "Register Activation" button to get your Activation Code. Go back into Smaart on your offline machine, enter the Activation Code into the Offline Activation section, and click the "Activate" button. If the code is correct, you will see a success message.

A note about company-owned licenses

For organizations with multi-user licenses, Offline Activation allows users to perform their own software installations without exposing the credentials required to administer the license. The person listed on the account will be considered the registered owner of any licenses on the account. Please be very careful when creating an account to ensure the company will not lose access to the license in case that person leaves.

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