What's New in Smaart

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What's New in Smaart

Smaart 9.3 - Released May 2, 2024

New Features

  • New Signal Generator fly-up GUI
  • New Smaart Loopback mechanism replaces the old virtual “Generator” device
  • 13 New Hotkeys


GUI Enhancements

  • Increased plot focus border size and plot axis button size.
  • Added “Do not show me this again” option to the Multi-Device TF signal generator warning.
  • Fly-up dialogs no longer close when clicking outside fly-up.
  • Signal Generator no longer automatically compacts when the window size is small.
  • Client Window measurement assignment improvements.
  • “Cont” button in IR Mode now turns red when enabled.
  • Added labels to Plot Legend.
  • Added a warning message when using Smaart Loopback.
  • Expanded the click area for closing fly ups.


Under the Hood

  • Peak Hold now works with Live Spectrum Averages
  • Improved window behavior when using more than one computer monitor
  • Various performance improvements


Bug Fixes

  • Removed LIFFT checkbox from Smaart LE.
  • Fixed a Crash when using SyncSource and changing FFT size (Length) while Signal Generator was running.
  • Fixed an issue where the keyboard focus would not remain on the Banding menu.
  • Fixed a bug where 32k FFT coherence was used as the default.
  • Fixed a bug where an artifact folder was left in the Data Bar.

Release Overview

The 9.3 update focuses on the signal generator and enhancing Smaarts electronic reference capabilities. You will find a new signal generator GUI, with several enhancements to its options - including the ability to play multi-channel files, adjust the fade-in length, and new Contour options for pink noise. 

The new Smaart Loopback option allows for selected output channels from a device to be assigned to measurement engines as measurement or reference inputs. This essentially makes any audio device used with Smaart capable of internal reference. Find more details on the signal generator and Smaart Loopback below, as well as a full list of feature additions, enhancements, and interface modifications - including new hotkeys(!). 

New Signal Generator Fly-Up Menu

The signal generator settings dialog has been redesigned to fit within the control bar fly-up menu. Just like the View and Timer settings - this allows for manipulation of those settings while simultaneously viewing data, streamlining control.

The signal generator now has four stimulus types available for selection. Pink Noise, Pink Sweep, Sine, and File. Sine and Dual Sine wave functionality have been combined into one stimulus selection type.The Noise stimulus type contains a new Contour selection that is made available when using pseudorandom noise. Pink and Speech Weighted contours are available now, additional selections are planned for future updates. 

File is no longer mono only. Stereo files are supported where the Left and Right sides of a stereo file are assigned to odd and even output selections, respectively. Mono is still default setting, however now it is a sum of the Left and Right channels of a stereo file, and not just the left channel as it was previously. Additionally, the File type selection now automatically opens the file browser when there is not a file previously loaded. 

Smaart Loopback

The new Smaart Loopback feature enables any output selected for use to appear as an input channel for the same device. To enable Smaart loopback, navigate to output config by selecting Config > I-O Config > Output and select the Smaart Loopback checkbox. Once enabled, output channels become available in the channel selection drop-downs for spectrum and transfer function engines. 

Note: the Transfer Function measurement engines referenced to Smaart Loopback are not delay-compensated and the resultant delay times will be the propagation delay of the measurement, with additional delay between any audio buffers in use and the Smaart Loopback channel.

New Hotkeys


Suite, RT, LE


[Shift + D]

Track All

[Alt/Option + D]

Reset All Measurement Delays to 0ms

[Alt/Option + A]

Opens and closes IO config

[Shift + P]

Cycle through plot focus

[Ctrl/Cmd + A]

Run All Engines in Current Tab

[Ctrl/Cmd + G]

Increase Generator Level

[Shift + G]

Decrease Generator Level

[Alt/Option + V]

Reset SPL Leq Buffers



Suite, RT


[Shift + T]

Trigger Timer Macro

[Shift + M]

Toggles between Phase and Group Delay


Suite, SPL


[Alt/Option + L]

Start/Stop SPL Logging

[Ctrl/Cmd + N]

Add Note in SPL Log

[Alt/Option + V]

Reset SPL Leq Buffers


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