Tips for Using Smaart's API (Web Viewer, Remote Client, Third-Party Integrations, etc.)

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Tips for Using Smaart's API (Web Viewer, Remote Client, Third-Party Integrations, etc.)

Smaart's API provides a mechanism for other applications (like Waves TRACT and Lake Controller), and even other copies of Smaart, to access and control measurements over a network connection. In all use cases, the first step is to enable the API within Options > Preferences > API:

API not enabled

API enabled

Both programs -- Smaart and the application receiving its data -- must be actively opened and running before you attempt to connect. Smaart listens for connections on all network adapters (including wireless), and you can see a list of the host's IP addresses by hovering over the 'IP Address' field in the above dialog.

When connecting to the API, you'll also need to know the port number that Smaart is communicating on. When connecting to the Web Viewer, the port number will go directly after the IP address separated by a colon. Example:

In our experience, most "Smaart API" issues are caused by network configuration issues. Using a 2-computer, server/client setup as an example, the first troubleshooting step is to verify that both computers are actually on the same network and in the same IP address range. 

Next, check for firewalls. The firewall may be located on a physical router that's between the two computers, or it may be a software firewall (Windows Defender, antivirus, etc). If a firewall is present, make sure it's not blocking Smaart, or the IP addresses belonging to the client or server computers. 

The Smaart API has a discovery mechanism that responds to applications/clients that send a specific UDP broadcast message over the network. Routers generally do not forward UDP broadcasts, so auto-discovery will not work if there's a router between the two API clients unless you configure your router to port forward traffic from one IP to the other. Please check your router's user guide or the manufacturer's support site for instructions on how to port forward, as the process can vary greatly between manufacturers.

In all cases, if both computers are on the same network, manually entering the IP address and port of the API server computer will allow connection.

If you're still having issues getting Smaart's API to function properly, please contact for further assistance.

For more information about the Smaart API, please review these articles: 

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