How to automatically launch Smaart on a schedule in macOS

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How to automatically launch Smaart on a schedule in macOS

Here you will find the steps required to launch Smaart on a schedule using macOS. This process may be helpful for SPL logging on a schedule, without an operator required. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Open Apple Calendar and create a New Event with an appropriate title such as "Open Smaart"
  2. Set the Day and Time that you wish to launch Smaart, and whether or not you want it to Repeat (for example Daily)
  3. Click the "Alert" droplist and instead of choosing a time selection, choose "Custom."
  4. In the next screen that appears, change the first dropdown to "Open File."
  5. Change the next dropdown to "Other," then browse to the location of the Smaart App (usually in applications) and select it.
  6. Set the alert time to "At the time of the event." Your event should look something like the one pictured below: 

  7. Click OK.

Smaart is now set to launch with that calendar event. At the end of the event, make sure a technician closes the app so it can launch again at the next calendar event. 

If you are looking to set up SPL logging to work with this functionality, please make sure that Smaart is calibrated and logging when setting up this process. Smaart will automatically start a new log file if it was logging when last closed.

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