How to use the SPL Webserver

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How to use the SPL Webserver

Smaart SPL allows realtime remote viewing of the SPL history timeline data, meters, and alarms via a web browser on a computer or mobile device that shares a network connection with the computer running Smaart SPL. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Start Logging
  2. Once the SPL History Timeline starts to populate with log data, open the Options menu and select Preferences. Navigate to the API tab.
  3. If desired, enter a password. This will prompt client machines to enter the password in order to connect with the webserver. 
  4. Select the Enabled checkbox to start the webserver. The status indicator should turn green.
  5. On the client device open a web browser and enter the IP address or host name, followed by a colon and the port number.  Example:

You can test the web server by connecting to it from a web browser on the host machine by entering the hostname “localhost” and the port (localhost:26000).

We recommend using your web browser’s private browsing / incognito mode, as it disables scripts and plugins that can interfere with the API’s functioning. Multiple client devices can connect to a single instance of the Smaart SPL webserver, and client devices can connect multiple browser tabs or windows to multiple instances of Smaart SPL, for example, to view levels on multiple stages at a music festival.

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