How to import microphone correction curves into Smaart

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How to import microphone correction curves into Smaart

Often times, microphone manufacturers will provide a calibration file, frequency correction, or microphone correction curve file (these are all synonymous to each other) that is unique to that serialized unit. These files can be used within Smaart to "flatten" the input's frequency response in Spectrum and Transfer Function magnitude measurements.

Microphone correction curves are not a substitution for calibrating an input for SPL measurement. To learn how to calibrate for SPL, please check out this video on our official YouTube page.

There are three ways to import a mic correct curve:

  1. From the IO Config screen, select your audio device to pull up the channel list; then, click the dropdown under the "Mic Correction Curve" column and select Import...

  2. Go to Options > Mic Correction Curve, then select the Import button on the dialogue that appears

  3. Go to File > Import > Mic Correction Curve (this will immediately open the file browser)

Once imported, you can apply the curve to any input from the IO Config screen (see #2 above).

What format does Smaart accept for a microphone correction curve?

The minimum requirement for importing any type of curve is one frequency value in Hertz (Hz) and one magnitude value in decibels (dB) per line, separated by a tab character – commonly referred to as tab delimited ASCII text format. Smaart does not support comma-separated value (CSV) file types.

In any case where a text file contains additional columns not required for a given import operation, they are simply ignored. Smaart will also ignore blank lines and any line beginning with a semicolon (;) or an asterisk (*), and so the latter may be used to add comments, headings, or line spaces to help make data files more human-readable.

Here is an example mic correction curve:

; Sample Microphone Correction Curve
; These lines with the semicolon in front
; will be ignored by Smaart and can be
; used to add comments and header info
; Freq (Hz)  Magnitude (dB)

1.00  1.08
5.00  1.00
6.66  -3.21
7.00  1.00
10.00  2.01
14.96  3.29
15.00  2.00
50.00  0.50
63.00  -0.48
100.00  -1.00
500.00  0.10
1000.00  0.50
1500.00  -0.50
2000.00  1.11

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