(macOS) Smaart not opening or not receiving input signal after installing or updating the operating system

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(macOS) Smaart not opening or functioning properly after installing or updating the operating system

For permission issues regarding Windows devices, please check out this article.

Please note that this article assumes Smaart is being run on compatible hardware. Smaart does not support the use of third-party "patching" programs to allow newer versions of macOS on older, unsupported hardware.

The following support article is covering the following issues that can occur on macOS; please make sure to check out our other support articles in your question is not answered here:

  • Smaart no longer opens (No splash screen)
  • Smaart no longer sees input (but has output)
  • Smaart does not work with Automation
  • Cannot use Smaart API
  • Smaart displays a message about permissions when trying to open/after opening

We do not recommend connecting your audio interface to the computer through USB extender or multi-port hub. They have been known to cause issues with device connectivity within Smaart, which can causes measurements to fail or even the program to crash. Additionally, multi-port hubs can become overloaded when connecting a USB-powered audio device that also supplies phantom power (like the Audient EVO series or Focusrite Scarlett series).

Starting with Mojave, macOS contains security features than may unintentionally limit certain functionalities of Smaart. When first opening the application (or after updating the operating system), a dialog message will appear (similar to the one below) requesting access to a specific permission:

 Note that this message may appear differently depending on
 your edition of Smaart and the requested permission


By clicking "Don't Allow", this prevents Smaart from accessing that information and functioning properly. Please make sure that, whenever a dialog similar to this appears, you click "Ok". If you need to change these permissions at any time, please navigate to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy, and check/uncheck the box next to Smaart. Typically, Smaart will need permissions for:

  • Full Disk Access
  • Automation
  • Microphone (audio input)
  • Accessibility

For macOS Ventura, you will instead need to navigate to System Settings > Privacy & Security > Microphone


Please note that you will need to click the lock in the bottom-left corner and enter the Administrator password
 before you can make any changes to system permissions 
(above screenshot taken on macOS Monterey)


Microphone privacy location on macOS Ventura

If you're still having issues receiving signal within Smaart on macOS Monterey or newer, check out this article.

If you have any questions about the permissions Smaart requests, please contact support.

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