[PINNED] Do I need to uninstall my previous version/edition of Smaart before installing the latest version?

Upgrading to the newest version of Smaart (not "dot" releases) or between editions of Smaart requires downloading and activating a new installation; however, you are not required to uninstall the previous version or edition.

Each new version or edition of Smaart will come as a new program with its own installer, and they are all activated independently of each other. While you're free to have any many copies of Smaart installed on a single device, we do not recommend running multiple versions or editions of Smaart at the same time. Please allow 3-5 minutes for Smaart to fully shut down before switching programs.

Please note that you will have to manually transfer data (traces, curves) between the different directories of Smaart using the Export and Import functions, as the program will not do so automatically. Configuration files are not transferrable between different versions or editions of Smaart (click here for more info).

Any saved or imported data on should be located in Users/<your_username>/Documents/Smaart Edition for both operating systems (replace Edition with Suite, RT, LE, or SPL).