Where can I download the installer for Smaart?

Once a Smaart license has been registered to an https://my.rationalacoustics.com Smaart license management account, the license code will appear on the Home page, or the "Your Software Licenses" tab. Clicking on the license will bring up its details, including the version-specific installer links for both Windows and MacOS operating systems. These installers can also be found in the "Downloads" tab; if you own the latest version of Smaart, you can access the Smaart Beta to preview and provide feedback on the current development release.


Please note that certain versions of Smaart, including the Beta, may not be compatible with all versions of either operating system. If you have any questions or issues regarding the compatibility of your version of Smaart on a particular operating system, or for any other issues or questions regarding registering and downloading Smaart, please contact us at support@rationalacoustics.com for further assistance.