[PINNED] How to identify DirectX Feature Level on your computer system

How to identify DirectX Feature Level on your computer system

Before installing Smaart, it's best to confirm what level of DirectX your system supports. If you computer does not meet the minimum system requirements, you may end up with an error message like this:


Otherwise, Smaart may experience rendering issues or not even open at all and crash when opening the program for the first time.

If you need to check if Smaart is supported on a specific Mac device, please email support@rationalacoustics.com and provide a system report for further assistance.

To identify the supported DirectX Feature Level on Windows:

  • Search for or Run DxDiag (DirectX Diagnostics Tool)
    If you're asked to check if drivers are digitally signed, click "No"
  • Switch over to the Display tab
    If you have multiple monitors or graphic cards in your system, you may see several tabs
  • Locate where it says Feature Levels on the Drivers portion to the right

While both cards support DirectX 12 (see 1), the Intel card supports Feature Level 12.1 while the Nvidia card only support 11.0 (see 2). Therefore, the Intel card would fully support the current version of Smaart while the Nvidia card may run into issues.

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