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Smaart Version 9.0.3 Bug Fixes - Fixed a memory leak in the macOS build. - Fixed various issues related to moving Smaart between screens with different DPI settings - Improved a rendering behavior when resizing the application window - Fixed a bug where Target Curves were not reacting to changes in banding. - Fixed a bug where recapturing a stored trace didn’t update the trace in other windows. - Fixed a bug where dragging a measurement engine too high in the...

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Smaart RT does not have its own User Guide. Please refer to the Real Time Mode section of the Smaart Suite User Guide for more information.

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Smaart RT Full Feature List

Smaart RT Full Feature List ------------------------- Here is a list of the full features that are included with Smaart RT: RTA - Unlimited simultaneous RTA measurements and live average of RTA data - Adjustable Data Window - Fractional-Octave banding up to 1/48th octave resolution - Fractional Octave or Line view of RTA data - View data as banded, lines, or both simultaneously - View Peak Holds, Target Curve (including cinema X-curves), and THD - Accurately display SPL lev...