Why can't I log in to my license management account?

If you're having problems accessing your license management account, please follow the steps below.
  1. Ensure that you are at https://my.rationalacoustics.com and that you are not trying to log in at a different web address. Store accounts and my.rationalacoustics.com accounts are completely separate.
  2. Double-check that you are entering your Account Name and password correctly. Please note that the Account Name may be different from the email address.
  3. Verify that Caps Lock is not enabled on your keyboard, as the Account Name and password are both case sensitive.
If you still cannot access your account, click the link near the sign-in field that says "Forget your Password?". You will be prompted for either the email address you used when creating the account or the Account Name. If you enter your email address the account details will be emailed to you. If you enter the Account Name you will be presented with the Security Questions that you chose when you created the account.
If you are unsure what your Account Name is, it is displayed in the same email that contains a password reset link (you do not need to actually click the link to obtain the Account Name).
Please Note: If you previously had an account at my.EAW.com for a Smaart v.6 license, your my.rationalacoustics.com login information is the same. Since my.EAW.com accounts only required an email address for creation, the account name is likely the previously used address.
If you still have issues logging into your my.rationalacoustics.com account, please contact us at support@rationalacoustics.com or submit a support ticket here.