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Is Smaart compatible with Windows 11?

Last updated: October 6th, 2021


Note: We still strongly advise against upgrading to Windows 11 unless you are absolutely certain the manufacturer of your audio device has rolled out stable drivers for the new OS. It is critical to ensure your audio device has compatible drivers, as an incompatible driver may not be recognized by Smaart or may cause Smaart to crash. 


Smaart v8, Smaart Di v2, and Smaart SPL are all compatible with Windows 11.
If you own these versions of Smaart and want to upgrade to Windows 11, be sure to update to the most recent version of Smaart from my.rationalacoustics.com and it should run in the new OS. As with any OS update, please do not deactivate your license before upgrading. View our knowledgebase article on OS upgrades for more information.

If you run into an Error 523 when opening Smaart after upgrading, please contact support@rationalacoustics.com for further assistance.


Smaart v7, Smaart v7 Di, and the Smaart I-O Control Application should all be compatible with Windows 11.
The Smaart I-O does not require the Control Application if you own Smaart v8 -- its gain and phantom power can be controlled from within the program.


Smaart v6 and SmaartLive5 are no longer supported and there is no guarantee of their compatibility.
We advise against upgrading to Windows 11 if you wish to continue using legacy versions of the software.