Time Machine, Migration, and Cloning with Smaart

Time Machine, Migration, and Cloning with Smaart

Migration Utilities

Migration utilities such as Time Machine, Acronis, and Migration Assistant are generally not supported by Smaart's licensing system. Because of this, it is very important you leave Smaart activated prior to migrating your files to a new computer or hard drive.

Depending on how the migration occurred, Smaart may still ask for activation. As long as the Machine ID is the same, you should have no issues activating as Smaart should "re-synchronize" with the licensing server and use the same activation seat as before. If you start Smaart on the new hard drive/computer and encounter an Error 523, please see our article on resolving this error here or contact us for further assistance.

It is imperative that Smaart is not deactivated prior to the migration. Doing so can cause the license to become corrupted and thus require our assistance every time you wish to activate/deactivate on that particular machine. 

Disc Imaging and Cloning

The license system in Smaart is not designed to support cloning or disc imaging, and so Smaart must not be installed on the drive being clonedIf you need to install Smaart on computers that will be imaged, DO NOT run the installer on the master image. Instead, place the installer somewhere convenient on the master image and only run it on the target machines after they have been imaged. This will ensure that all computers are properly activated with Smaart and will prevent license corruption from occurring.

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