Error 515

From what we've gathered, Error 515 occurs when multiple versions or editions of Smaart are opened at the same time, or one is opened immediately after the other. This is because both copies of Smaart are trying to access the licensing API at the same time, which causes license corruption. To resolve, please follow these steps:

  • Close all copies of Smaart
  • Navigate to the following folder:
    Windows -  C:\Users\Public\Ticket
    macOS -    (MachintoshHD)\Users\Shared\Ticket
  • Delete the Ticket file corresponding to your version/edition
    Smaart 7 - "Smaart74.ticket"; Smaart 8 = "Smaart8.ticket"; Smaart Di v2 = "SmaartDi2.ticket"; Smaart 9* = "Smaart9[EDITION].ticket"
    *Replace [Edition] with the specific edition of Smaart you are using --> Smaart Suite is "Smaart9Suite.Ticket", Smaart LE is "Smaart9LE.Ticket", etc.
    Additionally, add "Sub" at the end of the name for Subscription licenses --> Smaart RT Subscription is "Smaart9RTSub.ticket"
    If you aren't sure what ticket file to delete, please contact support using the links below

  • Restart device
  • Open only the copy of Smaart that produced this error
  • If asked to restore a "Missing Activated License", click "NO"
    (Otherwise, click "OK" if prompted Ticket Initialization Failed)
  • Try activating again as you would normally

In most cases, Smaart should activate using the same installation seat; however if the Machine ID changes and you are not able to activate again, please contact us using the links below.

While you can have multiple versions or editions of Smaart installed on the same device, we do not recommend running multiple copies of Smaart simultaneously.

To Contact Rational Acoustics Support:
Submit a Ticket Here or Email us at