Error 527

Error 527 means that an invalid Activation Code has been entered when using the "Offline Activation" option. The Activation Code can be obtained from your license management account by navigating to the license details and clicking on the machine ID or machine name you are trying to activate.



There may be a typo in the Activation Code that you entered. Please check the Activation Code and ensure that you entered it correctly. You can also try copying the Activation Code from within your account at and pasting it into the Activation Code field within Smaart.

Incorrect Activation Code For Machine ID

The Activation Code that you entered may not belong to this machine ID. Each Activation Code is generated based on the unique machine ID that Smaart generates based on your computer specifications. Verify that you are entering the Activation Code that was generated for the machine (and specifically, the ID) you are trying to activate. Note: the Smaart machine ID may change if you reformat or replace your hard drive, re-partition the hard drive, or re-install the Operating System. The new Machine ID will require a new Activation Code. 
Read the Licensing Help Guide for more information.

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