[NEW] How do I upgrade a multi-install license?

How do I upgrade a multi-install license?

When upgrading a license that has more than two installation seats through our online store, our system will show how many of those install seats are available to upgrade and will prompt you to select how many of those seats you want to upgrade (just above where it says "Add to Cart"):

The price will automatically calculate the discount for each additional seat (past the 2 initial installs that most licenses come with). The easiest thing to do is to upgrade as many seats are you can, as the remaining installs cannot be upgraded through our online store.

If all the seats are upgraded at once, the license that was upgraded will be listed as "Non-Upgradeable" in your https://my.rationalacoustics.com license management account.


If you choose to upgrade only a portion of the seats and wish to upgrade the rest at a later date, you must do this through your https://my.rationalacoustics.com account. Once logged in, click on the OLD license code (that was upgraded) -- you should see a yellow button labelled "Upgrade (xx) Remaining Install(s)":

Click this button to be brought to a special purchase page where you can enter in your card info and pick how many of the remaining install you want to upgrade. The upgraded installs will be automatically added to the new version license you receive when you originally upgraded the old version -- you should see that new license's install count increased while the old version license's upgradable install count decreased.

Once all available seats have been upgraded, the yellow button will disappear. If you have any questions or issues when upgrading install through your my.rationalacoustics.com account, please contact sales@rationalacoustics.com for assistance.

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