Can I transfer a captured trace from Smaart 8/Di v2 to Smaart Suite, RT, or LE?

Can I transfer a captured trace from v8/Di v2 to v9?

Short answer: Sort of*

Smaart will not do this automatically, you will have to manually import the trace into the Smaart 9 platform (Suite, RT, LE, and SPL). There are two ways to do this:

     1) Locate where the v8/Di v2 trace is saved. By default, Smaart will save traces to the following location (you can also right-click the trace and select "Open file location"):

Windows - C:\Users\<your_username>\Documents\Smaart v8\Traces
MacOS - (MachintoshHD)/Users/<your_username>/Documents/Smaart v8/Traces

        Once you have the location, go into Smaart Suite/RT/LE and navigate to File > Import > "Trace Data File..."

     2) (Suite and RT only) Within v8/Di v2, right-click the trace and select "Export to ASCII". This will prompt you to select a location to save the text file to. Once saved, open Smaart Suite or RT and navigate to File > Import > Import as ASCII

Note: Smaart LE does not have an "Import to ASCII" function. You can only import trace data files into this edition.

Once imported, Smaart Suite or RT will covert the trace and save the copy to it's own folder within Documents. Do note that, when exporting to ASCII, the trace will retain any banding or smoothing information set at the time of export, not at the time of capture. Spectrum measurements export with their banding applied, while Transfer Function measurements export with their smoothing applied (and Squared Coherence, if selected).


*Please note that you cannot import a trace captured in the Smaart 9 platform into versions of Smaart prior to and including 8.4 (pre-v8.5) or Di v2.1 (pre-v2.2). This is mainly because the Smaart 9 platform automatically calculates MTW (previously called MTW+) in the background. The older versions of Smaart won't recognize this extra data since MTW was not introduced until Smaart v8.5.0/Di v2.2. More information on legacy MTW+ can be found here.

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