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Smaart Basics and FAQs

Smaart Basics 1: How do I quickly set up my input device and initial measurements?

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Smaart Basics 2: How do I set up a Transfer Function and Transfer Function Average?

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How do I manage my Smaart configuration settings?

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You can save and load configurations by using the "Manage Configurations" dialog. In Smaart v8 and Di v2, these files are stored in the documents folder.


Note: Trace files are stored in a format that can be used with both operating systems, however configuration files store hardware driver names and locations that are OS specific. We do not recommend sharing configuration files between different computers.


For Smaart v7 and v7 Di, both trace and configuration files are stored in a hidden location, detailed below.

MacOS: \Users\[Username]\Library\Smaart

Windows: C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Roaming\Smaart

How do I use the Wave/WDM input driver for a device with more than two physical inputs?

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In Windows, the wave driver only supports two inputs at a time. In Smaart, the audio device's inputs will be divided up into sets of two. You will need to select the correct set of inputs when setting up your measurements. If an ASIO driver is supported by your device, then this can be used to access all of the inputs at once. 

How do I update Smaart to the latest version?

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Remember, do not deactivate Smaart prior to upgrading it to a new version.


Smaart v8.1 (or newer), Smaart Di v2, and Smaart SPL:
Within the Smaart program, click "File"->"Check for Updates..." Follow the prompts to complete setup and you're done!


Smaart v8.0 and older:
Log into your account at my.rationalacoustics.com, navigate to the "Downloads" page, and download the latest installer. Once the download is finished, run the new installer and it will overwrite the old installation.


NOTE: If you are not connected to the internet, you will need to find a computer that is, log into your my.rationalacoustics.com account and download the latest installer onto an external storage device to transfer it to the computer running Smaart.

Getting Started with the Webserver

The video below contains a walkthrough of setting up Smaart to review calibrated sound level measurements remotely using the built-in web server.

Smaart SPL & Smaart v8 | Getting Started with the Webserver from Rational Acoustics on Vimeo.

Why is my measurement pausing/skipping/stuttering?

Smaart v8 | FAQ | Why does my Audio Stutter? from the Rational Acoustics Vimeo page.


Many interfaces used for Smaart are designed for recording applications, where low-latency monitoring is beneficial and desired. However for measurement purposes, we do not require super-low latency monitoring - in fact quite the opposite.  


Your best bet for using these interfaces with Smaart is to maximize the buffer size - this is especially the case when using ASIO drivers with Windows based operating systems. The buffer setting is most commonly accessed through an interface control panel application, and in some cases via front panel controls. Check your interface for it's buffer settings if you are having any issues.