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Measurement and Application FAQs

What are the recommended audio interfaces for use with Smaart?
Smaart will work with any audio I-O device that uses Wav/WDM (Windows), ASIO (Wi... more
Is the Smaart v8 API compatible with programs using the v.7 API (Lake Controller, iRemote, Apex)?
From 8.0.2 and newer, the Smaart v8 API is backwards compatible with the v7 API and will work with programs that were designed to communicate with v7.
Does Smaart still work with Lake/Labgruppen/Lake Controller?
SmaartLive 5.4 and the Analyzer Bridge The Dolby® Lake® Analyzer Bridge was ... more
Will Smaart do 'this'?
Smaart can do a lot of things. It's used for measuring sound reinforcement syste... more