Error 549

Error 549 occurs when the system time, date, or time zone are incorrect, or when Smaart is unable to verify that they are correct. The easiest way to fix this is to ensure that the system time and date are being automatically set, then restart your device.

Note: If at any point you receive an "Unsupported Video Hardware" message when opening the Demo, this means that the device does not meet the minimum system requirements for the Smaart 9 platform and you will need to try installing again on another device.

In Windows, this can be done by right-clicking the time and date from the taskbar and selecting “Adjust date/time” (this will bring you to Settings > Date & Time). Make sure that “Set time automatically” is turned on.

Note: if “Set time zone automatically” is available, make sure it is on as well. If it’s greyed out, you can safely ignore it.


In macOS, the time and date can be changed by opening System Preferences > Date & Time.


Click the lock and enter your administrator password to allow changes, then make sure “Set date and time automatically” is checked. If multiple options appear in the dropdown to the right, please select “Apple (

Once the time and date are set automatically, restart your device and try opening Smaart again. In some cases, the device may need to be restarted several times before the error will disappear.

We have also noticed some cases where corruption to the macOS operating system is preventing the Smaart Demo from opening properly. To remedy this, boot the Mac device into Recovery Mode and run Disk Utility to verify all hard disks and partitions. Then, shut down the device and boot into Safe Mode -- this will load only critical services and ensure no other program is interfering with Smaart.


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