Smaart RT Full Feature List

Smaart RT Full Feature List

Here is a list of the full features that are included with Smaart RT:


  • Unlimited simultaneous RTA measurements and live average of RTA data
  • Adjustable Data Window
  • Fractional-Octave banding up to 1/48th octave resolution
  • Fractional Octave or Line view of RTA data
  • View data as banded, lines, or both simultaneously
  • View Peak Holds, Target Curve (including cinema X-curves), and THD
  • Accurately display SPL levels per 1 and 1/3 octave bands with calibrated inputs
  • A, C, X, and Inverse weighting options for live and stored data
  • 2 -16 FIFO, 1-10 second, Fast, Slow, & Infinite data averaging selections, plus “none”


  • Spectrum-over-time with amplitude represented by color
  • User-definable dynamic range and display banding
  • Scrollable line history
  • Adjustable slice height resolution
  • Full color or grey scale

Real Time Mode: Transfer Function (dual channel)

  • Magnitude, Coherence, Phase, Live Impulse Response (Live IR) graphs
  • Unlimited simultaneous TF measurement and live average of TF engines
  • MTW and single-size FFT data acquisition from 128-128K
  • Up to 1/48th oct smoothing for magnitude and phase graphs, plus option for no smoothing
  • View coherence as squared or un-squared
  • Reference delay finder with frequency filtering
  • Automatic reference delay tracking
  • Progressive averaging selections of 1-10, plus infinite.
  • A, C, X, and Inverse weighting options for live and stored data
  • Supports AES-75

SPL (Sound Pressure Level)

  • Monitoring of a single calibrated input as
    • SPL A, C, & Unweighted Fast and Slow
    • Peak C and Peak Z (unweighted), or
    • 1 user-definable Leq metric
    • Read-only metering (no logging)
  • User definable ‘traffic light’ meter display colors

Signal Generator

  • Multi-output; mono, multi-mono, stereo
  • Independent output trim
  • 10 programmable output presets
  • Random, Pseudorandom, SMPTE, and speech weighted noise
  • Sine, Sweep, Pink Sweep (swept sine), and File playback (.WAV .AIFF)
  • Optional noise fade-in

Data Acquisition

  • Unlimited simultaneous input and output channels
  • ASIO, Wav, and CoreAudio driver support
  • Input calibration for SPL
  • Integrated gain and phantom power control with gain tracking for the Roland OctaCapture
  • Capture, store, and organize measurement data directly within Smaart
  • ASCII Import, Export, and Copy functions for captured data
  • Client Window - remotely view and capture Real-Time Data


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