How to automatically launch Smaart on a schedule in macOS

How to automatically launch Smaart on a schedule in macOS

In some circumstances you may want to automate launching Smaart at a certain time on a schedule. One example would be that you need to log SPL starting at a certain time. If logging is enabled when Smaart is closed it will automatically start again on the next launch. 


For the computer savvy there are numerous ways to automate launching or quitting apps, but here’s a simple way to automate launching Smaart on macOS:

1. Open Apple Calendar and create a New Event with a title like “Open Smaart”
2. Set the Day and Time that you wish to launch Smaart, and whether or not you want to Repeat it (for example, Daily)
3. Click the Alert droplist and, instead of choosing a time selection, choose “Custom”. This will show a screen that allows you to choose unconventional alerts
4. Change the “Message with sound” option to “Open file”
5. A new droplist appears with the selection “Calendar”. Change this to “Other”, browse to the location of the Smaart app (usually Applications) and select it.
5. Set the Alert time to “At the time of event”
6. Click OK, and you’re done.



When you’re finished using Smaart, just close the program as normal and it will start again automatically at the time that the next event is set for.

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