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Purchasing Smaart

What does it mean to "upgrade" a license?
Every time a new major version of Smaart is released (v7 -> v8, Di -> Di v... more
Where can I buy Smaart?
You can purchase Smaart directly from our online store, or through any of our US or International representatives.
Can I try Smaart before I buy it?

*PLEASE NOTE* Due to the impact COVID-19 pandemic has had on our industry, we have extended the Smaart demos from 30 to 90 days as of April 2020. The new demo is a separate installation than the previous, therefore if the previous 30-day demo expired you are able to redownload for another 90-day trial. Otherwise, the demo will expire normally after 90 days.

The most recent versions of Smaart v8 and Smaart Di may be downloaded as a free (one time) 30-day trial from the link below.


Do I have to pay for software updates or technical support?
Major version upgrades are paid (for example Smaart v.7, v.8, v.9....). Beyond t... more
If I upgrade to a new version of Smaart, can I still use my old version?
Each version of Smaart operates independently of all other versions, so you can still access/install your old versions even after upgrading. The upgrade actually only refers to the pricing that you receive for the new version. You can even run multiple versions of Smaart on the same computer at the same time, as long as the drivers for your audio device support access from multiple programs simultaneously.
What's the difference between the Smaart "Hard Copy Package" and the "Electronic Delivery"?
The "Hard Copy Package" purchase option for Smaart includes a CD-ROM with Window... more