Smaart 7 and Smaart 7 Di Compatibility on MacOS Devices

Smaart 7 and Smaart 7 Di Compatibility on MacOS Devices

Unfortunately, Smaart v7 and Smaart v7 Di are not supported on MacOS 10.15 Catalina or newer and on the new M-series Silicon Macs
Apple has ended support for 32-bit applications back in October 2019 with the release of MacOS Catalina. The new Silicon Macs also do not support 32-bit applications.

If you would like to continue using Smaart v7 or v7 Di, there are a couple of options available to you:

  • Install an older version of MacOS, such as MacOS Mojave 
  • Use a virtual machine with a program such as Parallels ( to run an older version of MacOS or Windows on your Mac
  • Run Smaart on a Windows machine instead

Otherwise, Smaart v8 and Smaart Di v2 are compatible up to MacOS Monterey (12.0), and you are eligible for an upgrade for a reduced price if you own Smaart v7 or Smaart v7 Di. You can do this through our webstore here:


NOTE: Smaart v7 and Smaart v7 Di are no longer in development and will not be updated to support the new OS. Please do not upgrade to 10.15 Catalina or newer if you want to continue using these versions of the software.

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