Cannot Activate Smaart v6 Online / Exceeded Maximum Changes

Smaart v6 no longer supports online activation, as the old Smaart v6 licensing server has been shut down. In order to activate Smaart v6, you will need to generate a keyfile on your account.


In Smaart v6, click "Unlock Now..." and note the 8-digit "Machine Number" at the bottom of the dialog.

Then, in the Smaart v6 management page, click "Set/Change Your Machine ID(s)" and enter and confirm the 8-digit machine ID provided by Smaart v6. The download for the Smaart v6 key file will be made available.


Download the key file to a well-known location, such as your desktop, downloads, or document folder. In Smaart v6, click "Unlock With Keyfile..." and navigate to and select the Smaart v6 key file. 


Smaart should now be activated.


If you are unable to change your machine IDs due to the error "exceeded the maximum number of changes", or need a machine ID removed because the computer is broken, send us an email to have the old machine IDs removed and the change count reset.