My computer crashed/exploded/was stolen/run over, how can I get my installation spot back?

If your computer crashed or is otherwise inaccessible, and Smaart can no longer be accessed to deactivate normally (Help > About > Deactivate this Installation), please send us an email explaining the situation and we will work on getting the installation spot freed on your license. Please make sure that you include your license number and the machine ID that needs to be removed. This information can be found under your account at

Additionally, you can send in a pre-formatted request for us to manually remove a machine ID from your license. To do this, please log in to your account, navigate to the corresponding license by clicking on its code, click "[release]" next to the machine ID that needs to be removed, and lastly select "REQUEST MACHINE ID REMOVAL HERE".
*Please note that our normal office hours are Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm Eastern Time (GMT -5), as we may not be able to review your request immediately*