Does Smaart Support the macOS Big Sur / Windows Creator / Other New OS Update?

Unfortunately, only Smaart v8, Smaart SPL, and Smaart Di v2 are compatible in the most recent version of MacOS, 11.0 "Big Sur". Smaart v7, Smaart v7 Di and the Smaart IO Control Application are not supported in Mac OS 10.15 Catalina or newer. However, Windows 10 should support all versions down to Smaart v6.


However, a key point to keep in mind is your audio device's compatibility. While Smaart may be compatible with the newest operating system update, your audio device may not have supported drivers.


Before updating your OS, be sure to check your audio device manufacturer's website for available drivers and firmware updates and confirm that your device is indeed compatible. An incompatible device may even load successfully in Smaart, but will likely function improperly. In some cases, if a driver is severely unsupported, it can crash Smaart upon startup.


If you are running a Mac device and are planning to upgrade to MacOS 10.14 Mojave or newer, please read this article first as certain permission issues can prevent Smaart from fully functioning.


This support article will detail specifically which operating system versions Smaart supports. If you have any further questions about Smaart's compatibility on a specific operating system, please email us at for further assistance.