Smaart v8 crashes just after the splash (logo) screen

Smaart v8 crashes just after the splash (logo) screen

We've recently noticed an odd crash, both on Windows and MacOS, where Smaart will load to the main window but will instantly crash/stop responding. The window may look like this:


While we are still investigating the cause of this crash, we suspect it could be caused by a few things:

  • Corrupt configuration file
  • Bad microphone correction curve
  • Corrupt permissions on the "Smaart v8" folder

To resolve, please navigate to the following directory below and rename the "Smaart v8" folder to "OLD_Smaart v8":

Windows - C:\Users\<username>\Documents
MacOS - (MachintoshHD)/Users/<username>/Documents

Smaart will create a new folder when it is re-opened and will require you to re-configure you audio device and measurement settings. From there, try moving back the contents of each folder within "OLD_Smaart v8" to the newly created "Smaart v8" folder -- you will want to move the files when Smaart is closed so you can reopen it and see if it crashes again. This should help determine if a specific file is causing the crash or if the "OLD_Smaart v8" folder itself was the issue.

If Smaart is still crashing, or if you have any additional findings on this issue, please contact us using the links below.

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