"Certificate Verification Failed" Error

"Certificate Verification Failed" Error

This is an error related to the Certificate Verification process for Smaart v8.5.0 and Smaart Di v2.2. It only impacts Windows computers and does not impact Mac OS. Note that if you are running Smaart v8.1.4 or older, you may see a more ambiguous "Danger, Will Robinson!" message instead.

We have resolved this issue in our most recent update, v8.5.1 (as well as Di v2.2.1 and SPL 1.1). Please download the most recent installer from your https://my.rationalacoustics.com account, under the Downloads tab. Please do not deactivate the previous version of Smaart - you should not be required to reactivate. If any other issues occur, or if "Certificate Verification Failed" occurs again, please contact us using the links below.

If you are running Windows 7 and receive this error after updating to v8.5, please note that you must first install the Windows 7 Service Pack 1 update. To check if the update is installed on your system (and download if it isn't), please follow this link to Microsoft's official support page.

If you do not have access to your my.rationalacoustics.com account, please submit a support ticket using the link below to get the problem resolved.

To Contact Rational Acoustics Support:
Submit a Ticket Here or Email us at Support@RationalAcoustics.com.