What is MTW+?

Introduced in Smaart v8.5.0, MTW+ is a supercharged version of MTW that uses more FFTs across the measured frequency range and reduces gaps in the MTW calculation pipeline that may result in missing rapid transient events. MTW+ uses a Hamming data window, while MTW uses a Hann window. At this time, it is not possible to average MTW+ traces with traces derived from MTW/power-of-2 FFTs. This option is only available for Transfer Function measurements.

MTW+ is available as an FFT choice on a global or per-measurement level, and it supports both 48k and 96k sample rates. The program default is still “MTW”.

To enable globally, go to Options > Transfer Function and change the FFT size under "General Settings" (at the top) to 'MTW+'.

Setting MTW+ globally

To set a single TF engine to use MTW+, double-click on the measurement engine to bring up its settings, un-check "Use Global" to the right of FFT, and change the selection to 'MTW+'.

Setting MTW+ for a single TF engine

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