Smaart v7 won't recognize my audio device

This article is for troubleshooting audio devices in Smaart v7 and v7 Di.
If you are having issues with your device in Smaart v8, please click here
The most common reason users report their audio device is not recognized is because they have checked the "ignore" box in Audio Device Options. Click Options->Audio Device Options and uncheck "ignore" next to your device in the left most column.
If your audio I/O device is not showing up in Audio Device Options, the first step to success is ensuring that the device driver is actually installed. The most common source of audio device problems is that the user either forgot to install the driver, or thought they didn't need it. The only time you don't need to manually install a driver is if the device uses the built-in USB audio class driver. This will be explicitly stated in the device's user manual.
Smaart works with any audio I/O device that your operating system recognizes as a valid WAV/WDM, ASIO (Windows), or CoreAudio (OSX) device, but the OS won't recognize your device if the driver is not installed. If your operating system does not fully recognize your audio device, neither will Smaart. Check the sound control panel of your OS to see if the audio device is being recognized.
Most audio devices come with a CD-ROM that contains drivers, device control software, and a user manual. Take that CD, walk to your nearest trash receptacle, and throw it away. By the time the product gets to you the drivers on the CD are almost always outdated. Don't risk installing buggy or outdated software, go directly to the manufacturer's website and download the latest drivers and control software for your device. Tip: If the device is critical to your work, buy a dedicated USB drive and always have the latest drivers and software loaded onto it. 
If you did install the driver and Smaart still won't recognize your audio device, check with the device manufacturer to ensure that the driver supports your operating system. With Apple releasing new versions of OSX every year manufacturers have to constantly develop new drivers or modify existing drivers to keep up.