[PINNED] License Management & Ownership FAQs

License Management & Ownership FAQs

When setting up your Smaart license management account, and registering a Smaart license, it is important that you consider your account type and contact / log-in details carefully because once a license is registered to an account, whoever is listed as the account owner is considered the registered owner of any/all licenses in that account.

Only the registered email for the account will be able to receive password reset request emails and in the case of a dispute over license ownership, or for requests to move licenses between accounts, Rational Acoustics determines license ownership based on the license management account credentials.

Below is a list of frequently-asked questions about license account, management and ownership:


What is the difference between Individual and Business account types?

When you first set up a Smaart license management account, you are asked to choose between an “Individual” or “Business” account type.

An “Individual” account is meant for a private individual who purchased a Smaart license with their own funds, and solely for their own use - whoever is listed as the account owner is considered the registered owner of the license(s) on the account.  For this reason, licenses purchased by companies for use by their employees should not be registered under Individual accounts. 

A “Business” account is meant for companies or organizations who have purchased Smaart using company funds and who may be are sharing a multi-install license between employees, or who have multiple different Smaart licenses registered to the same account  We highly recommend that any licenses purchased for company use be registered to a Business account using a company email address and not registered to an Individual account, or to an employee’s personal email address. If you do have company-owned licenses registered by an individual, be sure to keep track of their Account Names and passwords and store them somewhere safe so you can continue to access your account should the employee leave the company.

Once an account is set up, the account type and account name cannot be changed, so choose carefully.


I am taking over an account from a previous employee. How do I change the credentials on a license management account to reflect this?

If you have the account credentials (account name and password), you can log in and edit the account details by navigating to the Account Details tab. You can edit the account contact name, email address, phone, address, security questions, and password, but you cannot change the Account Name or account type.

Changes to the account details and login credentials must be made by you. We are unable to manually edit an account's details or login credentials.


Our company purchased Smaart, but the employee who registered it no longer works here. Can you give me the Account Name and password?

We cannot provide passwords or security answers under any circumstances. If you do not know the Account Name and Password for the account holding your company's Smaart license and you cannot get them from the former employee, the only thing we can do is to transfer the license to a new account.

If the license is registered to a Business account, we will need Proof of Purchase for the license and written notification from your company that the employee who registered the license no longer works there.

If the license is registered to an Individual account, we will need written permission from the former employee who registered the license allowing us to transfer the license to a new account. If you are unable to obtain permission from the former employee, we may accept Proof of Purchase for the license and written notification from your company that the employee who registered the license no longer works there.


Our company has multiple Smaart licenses across multiple accounts. Are we able to consolidate them into a single account?

Yes, as long as all accounts are registered to Business accounts set up using your company name and/or email domain. If one of the licenses is registered to a personal account, we will need written permission from that individual to transfer the license.

For unique circumstances, such as company acquisitions or death of the account owner, please contact us directly with details on the situation and we will assist on a case-by-case basis.


I’ve been sharing a license with a friend of mine, but the license is registered it to an account in their name. They changed the account login details, and now I can’t access the license.  Can you give me the login information, or move the license to an account in my name?

Sharing of licenses between non-related individuals is not allowed under the terms of Smaart’s End User Licensing Agreement (EULA). If the license is registered in your friend’s name and they have locked you out of the account, there is nothing we can do.  


I forgot the login to my account, and the email address it was registered under no longer exists. Can you change it to my new email?

If you have forgotten your password and cannot access the email address associated with your https://my.rationalacoustics.com account in order to send yourself a password reset link, you will need to contact us for assistance.  For security reasons, we cannot change the email on your account for you. Instead, you will need to create a new license management account that we can transfer your license over to. In order to verify you as the original account owner, you will need to provide Proof of Purchase for the license and answer some security questions related to your original account. This process cannot be done over the phone; please submit a support ticket or email us using the links below for assistance.


Can I call you and have you transfer a license to a different account over the phone?

No; you must submit a ticket or email us directly using the links below if you are looking to transfer a license. Because we need written documentation of the request, we cannot complete this process over the phone.


To Contact Rational Acoustics Support:
Submit a Ticket Here or Email us at Support@RationalAcoustics.com.