What are the recommended audio interfaces for use with Smaart?

Smaart will work with any audio I-O device that uses Wav/WDM (Windows), ASIO (Windows) or CoreAudio (MacOS) device drivers, so long as those drivers are compatible with the OS version you are running. It is up to the hardware manufacturer to ensure that the device is compatible with the most recent version of Windows or MacOS, so make sure you check their driver information when purchasing the device.

Regardless of the operating system, make sure the audio interface has enough In and Out channels for the measurement set up you will be using. If you have a complex, interconnected system, we recommend researching into Dante Virtual Soundcard. Nevertheless, if you still are having trouble determining what will be best for the job, please send a support ticket and we would be happy to help.


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If you have any questions about how Windows' WAVE driver interacts with Smaart, please go here to the video on our YouTube.