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Time Machine, Migration, and Cloning with Smaart
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Do you have any videos or tutorials about Smaart?

Yes! We have multiple videos of various length on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/RationalAcoustics

If you are looking for short and sweet quick-start guides, look here.

Otherwise, our Smaart Operator Fundamentals will provide all you need (and more!) to be able to take our Smaart Operator Certification Exam, and they can be found here.

Please note: our Vimeo page is no longer supported

What are the system requirements for Smaart?
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Where can I attend a training class on Smaart?
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What Operating Systems does Smaart Support?
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The RTA420 microphone is "pin 3 hot", what does that mean?

The Rational Acoustics RTA 420 microphone (listed on our store here) is Pin 3 hot. This means that the polarity of the microphone is reversed compared to other microphone standards.

If you are using a single microphone, this should not cause any differences in your measurement.

However, if you will be comparing a microphone that is not pin 3 hot to the RTA 420, this is something to be aware of and you will need to make adjustments accordingly. 

For more technical details, refer to the following article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XLR_connector#Three-pin_in_audio_use