Do I have to pay for software updates or technical support?

Major version upgrades are paid (for example Smaart v.7, v.8, v.9....).  Beyond that are what we call "after dot" updates (for example v.7.0.5 or v.7.1 or v.7.1.5....).  These "after dot" updates include bug-fixes, feature add-ons, performance improvements, etc... and these are always free to registered users.

Licensing support and basic application support is free, you can always give us a call if you need help with licensing or if you're stuck trying to get something to work in Smaart. We encourage everyone to look through our extensive support documentation before contacting us though, as your questions have probably already been answered in our documentation. 

We do not provide advanced application support (system measurement training) via phone or email. We offer 3-day Smaart training classes all over the world for in-depth training on using Smaart for system measurement and alignment. More information on this can be found here.