Smaart SPL

Smaart 9 SPL Documentation

Smaart 9 SPL Documentation

Smaart SPL does not have a full User Guide. For explanations on all of its interface elements and features, refer to the Help Files bundled with the program.

Miscellaneous Documentation

Smaart SPL Release Notes

SPL Version 9.1.4 Improvements - Disallowed forward slash and backslash in various name input fields Bug Fixes - Fixed a bug that triggered a “Runtime error” on some Windows computers - Fixed a bug where the Skin selection from saved configurations was being ignored SPL Version 9.1.2 Bug Fix - Fixed a bug where SPL logging might fail if the default Alarm was enabled SPL Version 9.1.1 Improvements - Increased default API ...

Smaart 9 SPL Full Feature List

Here is a list of the full features that are included with Smaart 9 SPL: SPL (Sound Pressure Level) - Monitoring and Logging of an unlimited number of calibrated inputs - SPL A, C, & Unweighted Fast and Slow - Peak C, Peak Z (unweighted), Peak A, and Peak Octave banded frequency - Leq A, C, unweighted, and Octave band with user definable time-period from 1sec-24 hours. - C-A ratio calculation - OHSA and NIOSH exposure calculation - L10, L50, L90 calculation - 10 EaZy integrat...