Why is Smaart deactivated on my computer but not on the website?

When Smaart is deactivated, it sends a message out across the internet to our licensing server in an attempt to deactivate your machine ID from your license. If that connection fails, Smaart will present a Block Code that can be used to manually "Release" the machine ID from your license via the web interface.
First, copy the Block Code from within Smaart. If you've already closed Smaart, simply reopen it and you will be presented with the Machine ID and Block Code.
Next, log into your account at https://my.rationalacoustics.com, click "Your Software Licenses", then click on your v7 license. Find the appropriate machine ID in the list and click the link that says "Release".
Finally, enter the Block Code and other required information and click "Submit" to complete the deactivation.
For more information read the Licensing Help Guide here.