Error 509

Error 509

Error 509 occurs when Smaart does not have proper read/write access to an important licensing directory.


User Account Permissions

If your OS user account has special permissions, or if your user account is a member of a larger Windows domain, the user account permissions may be preventing Smaart from accessing the license file directory.
Please ensure that your OS user account has full read/write access to the following directory:
Mac OSX: (MachintoshHD)\Users\Shared\Ticket
(Press Shift-Command-C to open the Computer window)
Windows Vista and newer: C:\Users\Public\Ticket
Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Ticket
When using Smaart on Windows, you may have to right-click the program and select "Run as Administrator". If you receive a message asking to "Restore a missing license...", click YES. If Smaart is asking for activation or you receive any further errors, please email with screenshots of the error messages for further support.


Some aggressive antivirus programs can block Smaart (and other applications) from accessing various system directories. If you have verified your user account permissions and you are still seeing Error 509 please temporarily disable your antivirus and see if the error persists. If Smaart opens successfully you may need to add an exception/exclusion to your antivirus program so that it ignores Smaart. See the antivirus manufacturer's website for more information about excluding programs.

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