Error 523

Error 523

Error 523 is an expected error that means Smaart's Machine ID has changed and the software must be activated again. This is most commonly caused by updating/upgrading the operating system or by changing major hardware components (RAM, HDD) on the device. It can also occur when transferring the installation between computers through the use of cloning or migration software (such as Time Machine/Migration Assistant).

Follow the steps below and contact us once you have the new machine ID so we can reinstate the license seat on your account.
To resolve the error, simply close Smaart and delete the Smaart__.ticket* file located in the following directory;
*Replace __ with the version of Smaart you are using. For example, Smaart v7.4 is "Smaart74.Ticket", Smaart v8 is "Smaart8.Ticket", etc. 

     Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Ticket

     Windows Vista and newer: C:\Users\Public\Ticket

     Mac OSX and 11.0 Big Sur: (MachintoshHD)\Users\Shared\Ticket
         (Press Shift-Command-C to open the Computer window and access the hard drive)

Once the file is deleted, restart your device before reopening Smaart. If you are asked to "Restore a missing activated license", please click "NO".
Smaart should open to the "Online Activation" (or "Welcome to Smaart" screen for v7); if not, press the "Back" button to return to this main screen. Navigate to the "Offline Activation" section of Smaart (see below) to make sure you have a new machine ID. From there, you're ready to activate again as you would normally. 
Online and Offline Activation screens for Smaart v8 
Even if you have an open installation spot on your license, you will still have to email us so we can manually remove the old machine ID from your license.
You can submit a support ticket for removing a machine ID from your license. When you do, please specify your license code and the Machine ID on that license that needs to be removed as well as an explanation as to why the installation cannot be deactivated normally.

Please note: Do not deactivate Smaart prior to an OS upgrade, HDD change, or Time Machine migration in an attempt to circumvent Error 523. Doing so may cause license corruption that will prevent you from being able to deactivate or activate Smaart without assistance from support. Remember to leave Smaart activated if you are planning to upgrade your operating system and email support with your old and new machine IDs. If you are running Smaart v8, you will likely have a seamless transition without experiencing a machine ID change at all. 

For details on Time Machine and system migration, click here.
For details on operating system upgrades and when to deactivate, click here.

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