[PINNED] How do I transfer an installation of Smaart between devices?

How do I transfer an installation of Smaart between devices?

This article applies to Smaart versions v7, v7 Di, v8, Di v2

If you need to move a Smaart SPL install to another device, you will have to contact support by emailing us or by creating a support ticket for further assistance.


If you will be using any cloning, imaging, or migration software to transfer data between devices (or to restore from a backup on the new one), please instead follow this guide here.


Before Smaart can be activated on a new computer, the previous device must first be deactivated from the license. This can be done by opening the installation of Smaart you will no longer be using and navigating to File (or Help) > About > Deactivate this Installation. In most cases, Smaart should automatically connect to the webserver and release the installation from the license. If successful, Smaart should display this (or a similar) message:


Sometimes, Smaart may instead display a message containing the Machine ID and a Block Code, similar to this one:


If this message appears, please follow the steps provided to use the Block Code to complete deactivation through your https://my.rationalacoustics.com account.

Once the previous installation has been deactivated, you are ready to install and activate on the new computer! The download link for Smaart is found on your https://my.rationalacoustics.com account, under the Downloads tab.

Not sure whether you should deactivate or not? Click here!

Don't have access to the previous device? Click here!

To Contact Rational Acoustics Support:
Submit a Ticket Here or Email us at Support@RationalAcoustics.com.