Same signal appears on both inputs and outputs in Windows

Same signal appears on both inputs and outputs in Windows

There is a new feature in Windows 10 version 1809 and newer called "Audio Enhancements". This feature appears to impact the inputs and outputs of certain devices, such as the Smaart I-O. 

Follow these steps to disable audio enhancements in Windows and resolve the problem. 

  • Click your start menu and type in "mmsys.cpl" without the quotations. It should display a file icon with gears. Select it or hit "Enter".
    • If this does not work for you, please open the Control Panel and select Sound (or Hardware > Sound)
  • The classic Sound control panel (like Windows 7) should open
  • Click the "Recording" tab, then right-click the "Line In [Device Name]" and select "Properties"
  • There should be a tab titled "Enhancements" or "Advanced". Click on it, and make sure "Enhance this device" box is UNCHECKED
    • Under "Advanced", please also make sure to uncheck both options under "Exclusive Mode" - this settings prevents more than one application from accessing the audio device simultaneously (which isn't good if you are using a DAW or any recording software alongside Smaart)
  • You will need to restart Smaart before the changes take effect

After this, Smaart should display the channels separately again.

Depending on the exact version of Windows 10 installed on your device, you may not have exactly the same Sound Control Panel options. Either way, there should be some sort of enhancement option that can be disabled. If not, please email us at with screenshots so that we can troubleshoot further.

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