Does Smaart still work with Lake/Labgruppen/Lake Controller?

SmaartLive 5.4 and the Analyzer Bridge
The Dolby® Lake® Analyzer Bridge was a piece of software that allowed intercommunication between SmaartLive 5.4 and the Dolby Lake Controller. Analyzer traces from Smaart could be plotted in Lake Controller and various controls from LC could be displayed/manipulated in Smaart. Lake Controller v5.8 was the last version to support the old Analyzer Bridge.
Smaart v7 and Lake Controller v6
Lake Controller v6 includes a new analyzer engine that connects to Smaart v7 through our public API. Measurement data and measurement controls from Smaart v7 can be displayed within LC v6.
Smaart v8
Smaart v8 is backwards compatible with the v7 API and should work with all programs designed to communicate with Smaart v7.
For more information about the Analyzer function in Lake Controller v6, please refer to the Lake Controller Manual. 
For information about compatible devices, please contact Labgruppen